Waffle Mania

Waffle Mania

Life is about the little things… and stumbling across this former school bus is one of those small life events that makes you happy with all the decisions that have lead to the point of this delicious waffle finding its way into your hand.

Warm Belgian-style sugar waffles with a simple selection of various potential toppings (or not) makes for a quick debate on how to separate your hard earned money from your wallet.

This particular truck can be found at the Marin Civic Center Farmers Market on Sundays, aptly found right at the entrance… because those waffle cravings should be the first thing you’re tending to before any type of healthy considerations.

From my understanding, their waffles are a Liege style, utilizing a yeast risen dough. This gives them a wonderful depth of flavor not found in a typical American style waffles. While American style waffles typically have a crisp exterior and fluffy interior, these waffles have a dense almost bread like consistency. There are little nooks and edges of wonderfully crisp caramelized goodness, leading me to think pearl sugar is folded into the dough before placing on the hot iron. Typically, when you step up to order, the waffles have already been cooked off, and ready for toppings, if that’s the route you want to go. Only a couple are out at a time, so they certainly cook them off in small batches often, leading to a nice warm waffle being at the ready for when you want to stroll around.

The marriage of Belgian waffles and Nutella could potentially be considered a sin in the eyes of religion, but its sultry love is inconsiderate towards your Puritan sensibilities. A fair warning to those with mustachioed or bearded faces: keep those napkins ready in hand.

The Nutella waffle is certainly an indulgence, but my personal preference is a waffle with powdered sugar. Here, you get to really enjoy the crispness and caramelized flavors of the waffle, all while maintaining a certain level of grubby looking white residue on any dark colored attire.

While the idea of visiting the farmers market almost feels like a obligatory social pressure, the mere remembrance of these waffles has me reaching for my sandals and reusable bags.



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