Fall has sprung

Brod & Taylor Pork Loin

This post is sponsored by Brod & Taylor®  When I first saw the word’s first folding dehydrator, The SAHARA by Brod & Taylor, I was blown away. I had never considered owning a dehydrator, leaving a fantastic tool out of my toolbox, because dehydrators typically take up so much space, and I have a small…

Applewood Smoked Pumpkin Pie

As the evenings grow shorter and colder with each passing day, and the heater’s thermostat becomes a point of dispute, the pie season falls on us. I’ll never say that a slice of fresh berry pie with a frosty scoop of vanilla ice cream on a warm summer’s day is inadmissible, but no time of…

Roasted Chicken with Grapes

So there I found myself, meandering through the produce section late at night, pausing frequently with a cold blank stare set deep into my face. All around me was a cornucopia of flavors, and not a single one engaging the creative part of my brain… That was, until I laid my eyes upon the humble turnip….

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