Vacuum Sealers

 FoodSaver® Preservation System & Bags  This post is sponsored by FoodSaver®; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Under vacuum: this is the direct French translation from which the cooking technique of “sous vide” attained its name. Simply put, sous vide is the act of sealing food within an appropriate bag and cooking it…

Pepper Grinder

Pepper grinders have one task, and that is to grind whole peppercorns into palatable grounds to be used for seasoning food. Peppercorns contain volatile compounds that release flavorful aromas once these compounds are introduced to air. Upon grinding, the newly-released essential oils will begin to oxidize over time, and their potency will begin to deteriorate….


An often feared piece of kitchen equipment, and for good reason, the mandoline is an essential in my kitchen. Essentially, this tool is a knife used on a horizontal plane within a fixed structure, almost like a manually run deli slicer, but don’t expect to cut meat with these tools. Consistency is the term that…

Chef’s Knife

The chef’s knife is the core backbone in any good cutlery set, and found on cutting boards the world over. The utilitarian design provides flexibility and makes this a first choice for most kitchen tasks. The knives typically handle all matters of work, whether that be meat and fish butchery, vegetable prep, pastry work, and…

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